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Tardy Policy and Procedures

Cabrillo Tardy Policy and Procedures

1st Period:

At 7:43AM or before, teacher stands at classroom door encouraging students to get to class.

At 7:45AM tardy bell, teachers please shut classroom door and do not admit tardy students.

From 7:45AM-7:55AM students held, IDs scanned and given tardy pass at front gate or ACCESS.

From 7:55AM-8:00AM students released to class, teachers no longer accept late students after 8:05AM.

After 8:05AM any student found outside class without a pass will be swept to lunch tables.

All students arriving after 8:00AM will be in attendance counseling for period by administrator(s) or designee.

Students arriving to school after 8:15AM will be given a truancy notification and possible citation by LBPD. Citations vary from $225.00 to $900.00. In addition, parent/guardian must accompany student to court and student’s driver license may be suspended or delayed for up to three years.

Students with 3 or more truancies will have designated attendance interventions, that include, but are not limited to the following:
Truancy letters will be sent from the district.
Students may be cited after first truancy letter sent.
Interventions for tardiness/truancies will lead to counseling, parent contact, detention, citation, and/or alternative placement.
Teachers, parents, students, counselors and administrators will intervene to resolve issue.

No students dismissed with or without a pass during the first and last 10 minutes of class.

2nd – 6th Periods

Any student arriving to school 30 minutes after a period in which s/he is scheduled is considered truant.

Teachers stand outside door for at least last 2 minutes prior to tardy bell.

At tardy bell, teachers please shut classroom doors and do not admit tardy students.

Conference period teachers and CSOs sweep students to ACCESS office, 1000 building, or 500 building to get an unexcused tardy pass and/or appropriate intervention.

Students sent to class with an unexcused tardy pass are to wait for teacher’s entry direction.

Teachers allow student into class during the first 10 minutes only if s/he has an unexcused pass. All unexcused tardy students may be denied ability to make-up that day’s missed work.

10-minutes after class begins, students outside class will be brought his/her SLC counselor or administrator.

Teachers will only admit students to class with an excused pass after 10 minutes into the class period.

No unexcused tardy passes shall be accepted by teacher beyond 10-minutes into class period.

Teachers will not give tardy students excused passes to leave class.

All loitering/truant students will be assigned detention, counseled, parents contacted, and/or cited.

No students are to be dismissed with or without a pass during the first and last 10 minutes of class.

Teachers will not dismiss students from class prior to dismissal bell.
Initial Attendance Consequences

Truancy letter sent home

Student conference

Parent conference

Citation (Truancy Ticket)

Third tardy to first period is one 30 minute detention, 45 minute detention thereafter for each tardy accrued.

Every tardy to periods 2-6 is a 45 minute detention.

Failure to serve detention is defiance of school policy and will result in an all day suspension to On Campus Suspension room 1604 with a minimum 45 minute detention after school.

Failure to comply with OCS Policy will lead to at least 2 days suspension to Truancy Center.