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Tennis Locker

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Tennis - Girls

2018 Girls Varsity/JV Tennis

         2018 Girls Varsity/JV Tennis
Date   Opponent Time Place Levels
Aug 29 Cabrillo Rancho Dom 3:00 Away V
Aug 31 Cabrillo  Oxford 3:00 Away V
Sept 7 Cabrillo John Glenn 3:00 Home V
Sept 11 Cabrillo Lakewood 3:00 Home V
Sept 11 Cabrillo Lakewood 3:00 Away JV
Sept 13 Cabrillo Compton 3:00 Home V
Sept 18 Cabrillo Millikan 3:00 Away V
Sept 18 Cabrillo Millikan 3:00 Home JV
Sept 20 Cabrillo Poly 3:00 Home V
Sept 20 Cabrillo Poly 3:00 Away JV
Sept 24 Cabrillo CAMS 3:00 Away V
Sept 24 Cabrillo CAMS 3:00 Home JV
Sept 25 Cabrillo Wilson 3:00 Home V
Sept 25 Cabrillo Wilson 3:00 Away JV
Sept 27 Cabrillo Jordan 3:00 Away V
Sept 27 Cabrillo Jordan 3:00 Home JV
Oct 2 Cabrillo Lakewood 3:00 Away V
Oct 2 Cabrillo Lakewood 3:00 Home JV
Oct 4 Cabrillo Compton 3:00 Home V
Oct 8 Cabrillo Millikan 3:00 Home V
Oct8 Cabrillo Millikan 3:00 Away JV
Oct 9 Cabrillo Poly 3:00 Away V
Oct 9 Cabrillo Poly 3:00 Home JV
Oct 11 Cabrillo CAMS 3:00 Home V
Oct 11 Cabrillo CAMS 3:00 Away JV
Oct 16 Cabrillo Wilson 3:00 Away V
Oct 16 Cabrillo Wilson 3:00 Home JV
Oct 18 Cabrillo Jordan 3:00 Home V
Oct 18 Cabrillo Jordan 3:00 Away JV




2018 – 2019 




LAST CONTEST:  October 26, 2018


ALL Junior Varsity matches will be played at OPPOSITE SITE.

Compton and Cabrillo only have varsity teams.

All of Compton’s matches will be played ‘away’.

                                         (Round 1)  

DAY   DATE      CONTEST                 LOCATION   TIME


Tues   Sept 11    Millikan vs CAMS            CSUDH        3:00

                          Lakewood vs Cabrillo       Cabrillo

                           Poly vs Compton              Poly       

                         Jordan vs Wilson               Wilson            



Thurs Sept 13  CAMS vs Jordan               Jordan          3:00

                       Compton vs Cabrillo           Cabrillo

                       Wilson vs Lakewood           Lakewood

                       Millikan vs Poly                   Poly


Tues Sept 18   Cabrillo vs Millikan            Millikan        3:00

                       Compton vs Wilson             Wilson

                       Poly vs CAMS                       CSUDH

                       Lakewood vs Jordan            Jordan


Thurs  Sept 30 Millikan vs Wilson              Wilson         3:00

                      Jordan vs Compton              Jordan

                      Poly vs Cabrillo                    Cabrillo

                      CAMS vs Lakewood              Lakewood      


Mon Sept 24   Millikan vs  Jordan              Jordan         3:00

                      Poly vs Wilson                       Wilson

                      Compton vs Lakewood         Lakewood

                      Cabrillo vs CAMS                  CSUDH           


Tues Sept 25  Jordan vs Poly                   Poly               1:30

                       Wilson vs Cabrillo              Cabrillo          1:30

                       Millikan vs Lakewood        Lakewood      1:30

                       CAMS  vs  Compton           CSUDH           3:00


Thurs Sept 27   Cabrillo vs Jordan          Jordan           3:00

                          Lakewood vs Poly          Poly                       

                         Wilson vs CAMS              CSUDH                  

                         Compton vs Millikan        Millikan                          


DAY   DATE     CONTEST                     LOCATION          TIME


Tues Oct 2     CAMS vs Millikan           Millikan               3:00

                       Cabrillo vs Lakewood    Lakewood    

                       Compton vs Poly            Poly

                       Wilson vs Jordan           Jordan                                 


Thurs  Oct 4   Lakewood vs Wilson      Wilson                3:00

                       Cabrillo vs Compton      Cabrillo                 

                      Jordan vs CAMS             CSUDH                  

                       Poly vs Millikan              Millikan                           


Mon   Oct 8     CAMS vs Poly                  Poly                    3:00

                        Wilson vs Compton         Wilson

                        Millikan vs Cabrillo         Cabrillo

                       Jordan vs Lakewood       Lakewood    


Tues   Oct 9   Wilson vs Millikan           Millikan               3:00

                      Compton vs Jordan          Jordan

                      Lakewood vs CAMS         CSUDH

                      Cabrillo vs Poly                Poly


Thurs Oct 11  CAMS  vs Cabrillo            Cabrillo                 3:00

                       Jordan vs Millikan           Millikan

                       Wilson vs Poly                   Poly

                        Lakewood vs Compton    Lakewood


Tues Oct 16  Poly vs Jordan                 Jordan                  3:00

                      Lakewood vs Millikan      Millikan

                      Compton vs CAMS           CSUDH

                      Cabrillo vs Wilson            Wilson                   


Thurs  Oct 18  Jordan vs Cabrillo         Cabrillo                3:00

                         Poly vs  Lakewood        Lakewood

                         CAMS  vs Wilson           Wilson

                        Millikan vs Compton      Millikan


Moore League Tennis Tournament – Lakewood (Host)


Monday, October 22        Singles        El Dorado               3:00-5:00p

Tuesday, October 23       Singles        El Dorado               3:00-5:00p

Wednesday, October 24  Doubles       El Dorado               3:00-5:00p

Thursday, October 25      Doubles      El Dorado               3:00-5:00p

Fri, October 26  Finals-Singles/Doubles Billie Jean King  3:00-5:00p



Individual League Quals – 10/30-11/1

Team Quals – 10/30, 10/31, 2, 5, 7    CIF Team Finals – 11/9                       

SoCal Team Regionals – 11/16-17

Individual Sectionals –11/19, 27-29