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CALJ Staff & Faculty

Staff & Faculty
Contact Bernice Banares  Bernice Banares (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Karen Candelaria  Karen Candelaria (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Janet Carrillo  Janet Carrillo Teacher
Contact Rosalinda Cervantes-Alvarado  Rosalinda Cervantes-Alvarado (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Gerardo Cortes-Lopez  Gerardo Cortes-Lopez (562) 951-7700 ex: 7872 Teacher
Contact Christina Crissman  Christina Crissman Teacher
Contact Kathleen Danger  Kathleen Danger (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Espinoza  Mrs. Espinoza (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Fauver  Mrs. Fauver (562) 951-7700 Teacher: Earth Science, Life Science, and Health
Contact Prosper Gahungu  Prosper Gahungu (562) 591-7700 Teacher
Contact Keedrick Gardner  Keedrick Gardner Teacher
Contact Joseph Gawel  Joseph Gawel (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Christine Godfrey  Christine Godfrey (562) 951-7700 ex: 7804 Visual Arts Teacher/ Department Chair
Contact Jeffrey Jacobs  Jeffrey Jacobs (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Aline Maestas  Aline Maestas (562) 951-7700 ex: #7757 Teacher: Journey for Justice & AP Human Geography
Contact George Martinez  George Martinez (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Kim McWaid  Kim McWaid (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact ~inactive~account Montalvo  ~inactive~account Montalvo (562) 951-7700 ex: 7755 Co-Lead Teacher, Mock Trial Coordinator, Teen Court Coordinator
Contact Michelle Montooth  Michelle Montooth (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Scott Newman  Scott Newman (562) 951-7700 Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
Contact Jennifer Richter  Jennifer Richter (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Timothy Robertson  Timothy Robertson (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Daniel Romo  Daniel Romo Teacher
Contact Sergio Santillan  Sergio Santillan Teacher
Contact Emily View  Emily View Teacher
Contact Emily Yarborough  Emily Yarborough Teacher