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AGL Lead Teacher:

Mr. James Dowding

(562) 951-7700 ext. 7861                   



AGL Counselor:

Mr. John Tran                       

(562) 951-7700 ex. 7739



Linked Learning Pathways Coordinator:

Mr. Chris Itson  

(562) 951-7700 ext. 7895



The Port of Long Beach Academy of Global Logistics at Cabrillo (AGL)

Academy of Global Logistics & Port of Long Beach

Academy of Global Logistics

The Port of Long Beach Academy of Global Logistics at Cabrillo High School (AGL), a partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District, combines academic curriculum with industry-relevant training and information to support academic and career development.

The Academy builds on the Long Beach College Promise by introducing high school students to career opportunities in global trade and logistics and showing them how to prepare for those careers through a wide range of training and education programs including certificates, certifications, and degrees offered by Long Beach City College and California State University, Long Beach. The goals are to:

EXCITE – Create excitement around international trade, logistics and supply chain management by bringing real world experiences to the classroom.
ENGAGE – Engage parents, students, teachers and administrators, industry partners, and the community in program events to develop a support system for student success.
EMPOWER – Empower students with the knowledge and skills for entry level career opportunities and/or to pursue higher education either at a community college or four-year university.

"Invest In Your Future!"

At AGL we teach our students the value of investing their efforts now to benefit their futures later.

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AGL Technical Course of Study


Along with completing general A-G Requirements, AGL students will also complete the following Technical Core courses:


9th- Principles of Information Technology

10th- Global Logistics

11th- Accounting and International Finance

12th- Virtual Enterprise

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AGL NEWS and Events

The Virtual Enterprise Long Beach trade show will be held on February 11, 2016 at the Long Beach Convention Center downtown Long Beach on Pine Street.  The bus will pick the students up a 7:00 am and will return the students at 3:00 pm


  The Trade show gives the students the opportunity to develop real-world skills in a simulated environment.  The students in the Virtual Enterprise course have been learning business skills in the classroom and the trade fair gives the students a chance to actually demonstrate these skills with business professionals.  This event gives the students a chance to illustrate what they have learned in a sheltered situation and then to receive feedback on the steps to improve when it comes to the “real world.”


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Ms. Caswell, Port of Long Beach Environmental Specialist

Ms. Morgan Caswell, Environmental Specialist for the Port of Long Beach Environmental Planning Division delivered a presentation to AGL 9th graders about the Port's Environmental plans and programs. Ms. Caswell highlighted the Port's long-term planning for air emission reductions, implementation of the Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP), the role of the EPA, and various Port Air Quality projects and Applications.

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AGL Vision:
 “Going Places in the World of Global Trade and Logistics”
AGL Mission:
The POLB Academy of Global Logistics at Cabrillo seeks to develop business educated students prepared for the challenges of international trade through hands on experiences and academic learning.
Contact Janet Carrillo  Janet Carrillo Teacher
Contact James Dowding  James Dowding (562) 951-7700 Global Logistics/Entrepeneurship
Contact George Foe-Aman  George Foe-Aman (562) 951-7700 Information Technology/Web Publishing/Webmaster
Contact Katrina Freeman  Katrina Freeman (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact John Gaskins  John Gaskins (562) 951-7700 ex: 7833 Teacher
Contact Brad Greenburg  Brad Greenburg (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Mark Hankinson  Mark Hankinson (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Gabriela Hashimoto  Gabriela Hashimoto (562) 951-7700 ex: 7842 Special Education Teacher
Contact Jeffrey Jacobs  Jeffrey Jacobs (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact A James  A James (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Richard Lamprecht  Richard Lamprecht (562) 951-7745 ex: 7745 Resource Specialist Teacher(RSP)
Contact Reginald Love  Reginald Love (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Byron Miles  Byron Miles (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Nelly Ofoegbu  Nelly Ofoegbu (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Alexander Olefer  Alexander Olefer (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Kimberly Oliver  Kimberly Oliver Teacher
Contact Kevin Smith  Kevin Smith (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Gabriel Tablada  Gabriel Tablada (562) 951-7700 Teacher
Contact Stephen Wertheimer  Stephen Wertheimer (562) 951-7700 ex: 7847 Teacher
Contact Mr. Woodward  Mr. Woodward (562) 951-7700 Geoscience, Green Team, Athletics
Contact John Zeeman  John Zeeman (562) 951-7700 Accounting & Global Logistics
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