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CALJ Lead Teacher: 

Mr. Newman

CALJ Faculty:

  • Mr. Baer
  • Mr. Castrejon
  • Mr. Gershwin-Razo
  • Mr. Hull
  • Mr. Jacobs
  • Mr. Kent
  • Mr. Kuhn
  • Ms. Montooth
  • Dr. Ofoegbu
  • Ms. Richter
  • Mr. Romo
  • Mr. Sims
  • Mr. Smith
  • Mr. Van
  • Mr. Williams
  • Ms. Yarborough
  • Mr. Yarborough
  • Mr. Young
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A diverse group of twenty Law and Justice professionals from City Attorneys and City Prosecutors to Federal Special Agents and Marketing Directors from a local law firm were present at CALJ's Law Day Event on Friday, April 27th, 2018. There were 20 guest speakers and 22 mentors for mentoring sessions for about 500 students in 15 rooms. CALJ Juniors also had an opportunity to share their bios, goals, and aspirations with the guest speakers. Professionals and students had an awesome learning experience.

Thanks to everyone involved in this special event. 

Comments from Professionals about their Mentoring Session:

  • "Everyone participated, students were engaged and interested in the subject matter."
  • "Mentoring session was very successful."
  • "I found it empowering and humbling to share my insight and advice with the next generation."
  • "Conversations went very fluid and students opened up."

Comments from Juniors about their Mentoring Session:

  • "I can actually be open with my mentor and talk about personal things."
  • "Very interesting, not boring."
  • "He will help me get an internship."
  • "I like how he explained the pros and cons that occurred during his high school years, and telling my group how he found his passion by staying motivated."
  • "I like how they were being themselves and explained in detail what they did."
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