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Cabrillo NJROTC Virtual Awards Ceremony by Cadet Ensign Angelina Garcia
Posted 7/1/20


June 1, 2020--When the COVID-19 pandemic   exploded onto our second-semester, students, parents, and teachers were left apprehensive about how the remainder of the year would unfold. Despite the unfortunate circumstance, our program still decided to take the time to acknowledge our cadets for the hard work they put in, in this year's Virtual Awards Ceremony. During this time, our diligent and hardworking cadets were awarded for their successes this year, and our NJROTC graduates were able to share their plans and hopes for the future, while also looking back at the challenges that they have conquered because of this program.


Throughout the ceremony, conducted via Google Meet, dozens of cadets were congratulated and awarded medals and ribbons for their dedication to the program. This began with our unit achievement awards, in which cadets were recognized for the work they contribute to the program on a daily basis. In addition to this, honor roll awards were also given to affirm the academic significance that goes into a student's role as a cadet. The Principal’s High Honor Roll Award, which is given to those with a 4.0 GPA achievement, was awarded to cadets

  • Ruby Enriquez
  • Reeveno Macadaan
  • Franchesca Peñas
  • Fernanda Gomez.     

Fifteen cadets also received leadership and aptitude medals from outside organizations, such as the Daughters of the American Revolution, Navy League, and others. Awards were also given for physical training performance. The top three male and female cadets who could carry out the most sit-ups and push-ups and fastest 1-mile run time were

  • Kristian Farfan
  • Ruben Sanchez
  • Franco Barrera
  • Fernanda Gomez
  • Alia Holmes
  • Shanti Edades.

Lastly, our Most Valuable Cadet of the Year award was given to Cabrillo NJROTC’s former Commanding Officer and 2020 graduate, Cadet Commander

  • Fernanda Gomez. 

Furthermore, graduating senior C/CDR Gomez stated that her four-year experience in the program “gave [her] purpose and a sense of family within. Ever since [she] joined the program, there were opportunities for [her] to be a part of something bigger than [herself] and be a part of a great community. There were community service and leadership opportunities for cadets to grow and experience real-world scenarios. The program has changed [her] life for the better and gave [her] life-lasting bonds.”


Looking towards the future, Cabrillo NJROTC’s Commanding and Executive Officers for the 2020-2021 school year, John Morales and Amber Llaban, have this to say about their goals for the next school year:“The goal for the upcoming school year is to improve and exceed past accomplishments in the three main categories of NJROTC being knowledge, physical training, and drill…and place among the top at competitions and build a bond like no other.”


Commanding Officer Amber Llaban feels that “plans for next school year would mainly focus on motivating the future cadets to keep pushing through, especially since we are going through tough times.” In conclusion, this year’s Virtual Awards ceremony was a success and the program’s leaders are optimistic about the next school year.


Cadet Ensign Angelina Garcia will be a senior next Fall and serves as the Cabrillo NJROTC Information Officer.