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Contact Information:

For questions regarding the

Cabrillo Linked Learning Student Ambassador Program please contact:

Mr. Itson 


Linked Learning HQ




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Twitter: @ItsonChris  



Instagram: @cabrillohighfocus



Cabrillo Linked Learning Student Ambassadors

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Program Description/Objectives:

The Cabrillo Student Ambassador program is designed to train and develop student leaders in supporting and sustaining the LBUSD Linked Learning Initiative. The Ambassadors serve the school by raising awareness of the various SLC/Pathways among businesses, other outside organizations, parents, prospective academy students, and within each school community. 




Linked Learning Pathways at Cabrillo

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Our Vision

A targeted sustainable student-leadership program leading to increased site commitment to the LBUSD Linked Learning Initiative.

Our Mission

To Create an engaging and comprehensive leadership course for student leaders by Pathway, through leadership development, community building, Linked Learning instruction, 21stcentury skill building, Pathway marketing, and college and career preparation.