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Custodial Support

As a result of recent health concerns, LBUSD (Operations Branch) has mandated a temporary change in cleaning procedures in order to prevent any developments on school sites.     

Alternate cleaning is suspended for the time being.

Nightly cleaning for all rooms includes:

  1. Sanitize all desks 
  2. Empty trash cans
  3. Sanitize Door knobs
  4. Sanitize Chairs
  5. As time permits, floors (sweeping and mopping)
  6. All SDC classes will be cleaned as usual

To combat health concerns collaboratively, assistance is needed with:

  1. Support for the every room, every night cleaning policy by continuing to have students pick up their trash and placing all debris in waste baskets (please ensure floor surfaces are clear prior to leaving).
  2. Keeping chairs on the floors so the surfaces and chairs can be cleaned more efficiently.

Working together we can keep things sanitized for the safety of everyone who comes in contact with our campus and facilities.

Thank you,

David Aragon,

Plant Supervisor

Custodial Support

Mr. David Aragon Plant Supervisor
Ms. Brown  
Mr. Burnette  
Mr. Cervantes  
Mr. Soldevilla  
Mr. Troncoso  
Mr. S. Vann  


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