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Shared Decision Making (SDM)

Cabrillo's Site Decision Making Committee is a forum for stakeholders to develop, discuss, and improve policies that affect the entire school. In recent years, the committee has:                                                                       - Discussed the block bell schedule, technology plans, dress codes, Safe Passage for students, etc.                                                                                    - The committee also meets to allocate State Lottery funds given to Cabrillo.                                                                                                                   - Allocate funding from the Superintendent for Technology expenditures.

Past subcommittees include Safe & Civil, Technology, and Bell Schedule. New issues may be addressed and new subcommittees may be formed when needed. The meeting agendas are determined by the Chair and Vice Principal based on the input received from stakeholders.

2019-2020 Elected SDM Members:
a. Chair: Drew Holt
b. Vice Chair: Christine Godfrey
c. Secretary: Michelle Montooth
d. Treasury: Gail Ashbrooke