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The enrollment at Cabrillo High School has grown in the last four years from 975 students in grades 9 and 10 to 2100 students in grades 9-12.
This growth was necessary due to the burgeoning high school population within the Long Beach Unified School District. Initially, Cabrillo was to remain a small school of approximately 1000 students in grades 9 and 10.
Presently, Cabrillo has a total student population of approximately 2000 students.

The student body of Cabrillo High School represents the greater Long Beach community. Students who live in other attendance areas attend Cabrillo due to overcrowding conditions or by choice to participate in specialized program. Cabrillo is a racially diverse student body with all racial-ethnic groups represented.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School was constructed to reflect the rapidly changing technology of the early twenty-first century. All classrooms are structured for flexible use of audio, video and telecommunication.
All classrooms at Cabrillo are networked and have Internet access. Students use the Internet for research projects, and teachers use this educational avenue to augment textbook data and teacher-generated materials. Teachers have workstations by their desks which control television/computer demonstrations. All this technology has turned Cabrillo High School into the technology leader in the community.
Cabrillo school