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Cabrillo Song

We hold true,
True to our home,
Together we will fight,
For the Green, the Black and the White
There is no other like Cabrillo,
The Land of Jaguar Pride!
We are might,
We are proud and true,
And together there is nothing we can't do.
We pledge to hold our banner high,
As we walk through the Land of Jaguar Pride!
Our desire is to do our best,
And until that is done,
We promise not to rest.
Today we make a brighter tomorrow,
Every class that we will take,
Makes a brighter tomorrow.
Every book that we will read,
Makes a brighter tomorrow.
Every song that we will sing,
Makes a brighter tomorrow.
Every day a memory makes,
a brighter tomorrow!


Composed by Cabrillo teachers:

 Ms. Charisse Williams


Mr. Jensen