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Our History

In the winter of 1996, ground was broken for a new high school on the west side of Long Beach. Less than nine months later, the doors were opened for the first group of students at Cabrillo High School. The school opened in September of 1996 with grades nine and ten, and a student body of approximately 975 students.
Because Cabrillo High School was still under construction, the original plan for the school was that upon completion of their tenth grade year, all students would transfer to one of the other five comprehensive high schools to complete their secondary education. However, the first tenth grade class liked the school so well they petitioned the Cabrillo administration and the Board of Education to add grade eleven and eventually grade twelve.
The Board of Education honored the request of the students and parents, and in June 1999, Cabrillo High School graduated its first class with approximately 74 students receiving their high school diplomas.

20 for 20

In 2015-2016 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. Allow us to share some accomplishments and changes with you. Throughout the years, Cabrillo has seen tremendous instructional changes through our 4 Linked Learning Pathways:

  • The Port of Long Beach Academy of Global Logistics at Cabrillo (AGL)
  • Cabrillo Academy of Law and Justice (CALJ)
  • Cabrillo Engineering and Design (CED)
  • Specialized Academy of Computer Media, Arts & Animation (SACMAA)

These Linked Learning Pathways are providing Cabrillo students with more options after high school—ranging from College to Military and Career Opportunities. If you would like to get involved, please contact Mr. Montalvo.

Pathway Coordinator:

Mr. Montalvo

Cabrillo jaguars