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Where Do I Go?


To Find Out About: Go To:


100 Office

Activities Room 307
Advanced Placement Exams Counselor
Alternative School Enrollment Counselor
Athletic Team Tryouts Team Coach or Mr. Holt (305) Or Ms. Sarno (1115)
Attendance 100 Office
Career Information College & Career Center
Change of address/phone/guardian 100 Office
Clubs on Campus Room 307
College Admission Applications Counselor/College & Career Center
College Entrance Exams (SAT, ACT) Counselor/College & Career Center
College Scholarships / Financial Aid Counselor/College & Career Center
College, University, Trade School information Counselor/College & Career Center
Crisis Intervention Counselor
Discipline Assistant Principal
Fines Banker
First Aid Nurse
Graduation Requirements Counselor
Graduation Status Counselor
Health Services / Home Teacher Services School Nurse
Permission to leave campus early 100 Office
Poster Approval Room 307
Progress in class Teacher
Registration of students Counselor
ROP Enrollment School to Career Counselor
Special Education Services Case Carrier or Counselor
Sports Programs Team Coach or Mr. Holt (305) Or Ms. Sarno (1115)
Student Government Room 397
Tickets to School Events Banker
Transcript Order here
Transition Planning (IEP, ITP) Ms. Banares (410)                     
Withdrawal from school 100 Office
Work Experience College & Career Center
Work Permits Counselor/Career Center