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Library Guidelines

Library Guidelines and Conduct

  • No Drink or Food
  • Be Respectful
  • Have a Valid Pass or ID
  • Use Quiet Voices
  • Be Nice
Additional Resources
9/7/16 3:27 PM

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School Library

Library Orientation

Watch these 3 digital library orientations to become familiar with Cabrillo Library.

  1. Click the link to watch the video.

  2. Then open the PDF to answer the questions about the video you watched.

  3. Turn in your answers to the library.

  4. Your English teacher may give you credit for completing this 3-part digital library orientation.  

Part 1

A Conversation (Video)                 

Questions for “A Conversation” (PDF)


Part 2

Cabrillo High School Library (Video)

Cabrillo High School Library Questions (PDF)


Part 3

How to Share the Library (Video)

How to Share the Library Questions (PDF)


Phone (562) 951-7736

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            Welcome Jaguars!               


Enter with an Academic PurposeLibrary entrance
Success in the West



     Library is Open:               New!

       Monday - Thursday        7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

                           Friday             7:30 AM to 3:30 PM


When you need information for your paper -
Use the links below.

Student Resources in Context
Student resources in context

Research in Context
Research in context


Special Events

De-stress for success in the library the week before Fall exams with these activities:

  1. Make a stress ball to banish stress
  2. Clear your mind by enjoying an episode of Naruto
  3. BARK Therapy Dogs Visit
  4. Relax by creating a finger painting.
  5. Play with Oobleck

Chess boardGot Game?        

Play Chess, Checkers, Battleship or put a puzzle together.

Available every day in the library - At lunch, snack, before & after school.


What the library can do for you...

  • Help you find authorative research sources                                              Library desk
  • Computers are available to access & print your documents                        
  • Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPt.
  • Quiet place to study
  • Read
  • Book suggestions
  • Restful place to relax
  • Assistance with tasks
  • FREE School Supplies for your projects:                      
    • Construction Paper                                   
    • Scissors                                                          
    • Glue Sticks
    • Index Cards
    • Markers
    • Colored Pencils
    • Lined/Unlined Paper
    • Graph Paper


Students Visiting the Library During Class Time:

  • Cabrillo Photo ID
  • Pass Signed by that Period’s Teacher/Admin/Counselor/Coach (whoever is sending the student to Library)
  • Sign into the Library
  • No Cell Phone Use - Cell phones stay in backpack.
DMV Practice Tests

Free DMV practice tests

Library Materials and Circulation Policies

  • Up to five (5) books may be checked out with a Cabrillo ID for 2 weeks.
  • After two (2) weeks a book may be renewed.
  • Late books cost 10 cents per school day for each day they are late.
  • A wide range of non-fiction books which match curriculum are available as well as books for personal and recreational interests.
  • Fiction books of various Genres are available; for example, Mystery, Science Fiction, Romance, Sports, Fantasy, Manga and Graphic novels.
  • Books in Spanish and a small collection of educational videos are also available.
  • eBooks are available.
  • Lost or damaged books will be charged at the cost of full replacement plus a processing fee.


  • Print school work for FREE with Black & White printer.
  • Print school work in color for 40 cents.
  • Non-school work printing is 10 cents for Black & White and 40 cents for color.
  • Photocopying is 10 cents per page.

Mrs. Ashbrooke


Mrs. Ashbrooke



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Mr. Doug Gerow

Library Media Assistant

Email Mr. Gerow

The Teacher Librarian and Library Media Assistant are here to help YOU. We can help you succeed.

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