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Ms. Connie Granieri

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ASB - Associated Student Body

ALL Cabrillo students are members of the Associated Student Body (ASB)

The ASB Activities Office is in Room 307

ASB Student Council is the Governing Board elected by all students.The ASB Student Council meets to organize student activities, approve club activities, address any concerns of the Cabrillo student body, represent Cabrillo in many functions, and many other activities to build Cabrillo spirit.

Activities and programs planned by the ASB meet one or more of the following goals:

  • Increase student involvement

  • Support academic achievement

  • All activity proposals, budgets, club charters, and purchase orders are processed by the student governing board in accordance with District policies and state law.

  • Provide service to the school and community

  • Empower students

Activity Participation Requirements

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA, satisfactory citizenship, and have no outstanding fines to participate in any athletic event, performance, extracurricular activity, or field trip.

Sale of Items on Campus

Any items sold on campus must have prior approval of the Student Commission. Sales applications are available from the Activities Office. All fundraising requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the fundraiser start date.

Student ID Disclaimer

Students are required to wear this card at all time at school or at school activities.

Lending or giving this card to others is forbidden. The replacement charge is $5 if the card is lost or stolen.

You are required to show this card when:                                              

A) Requested by any school employee.                                                        

B) Purchasing products or services from the banker's office.              

C) Checking out library materials or textbooks.

D) Attending any school event (dances, football games, etc.)         

E) Boarding a school bus.                                                                   

F) Voting in any school election.

Go Jags
Viviana Ibarra Presenting Cabrillo to School Board
ASB Executive Board 2019-2020
ASB Exec Board

Congratulations to the ASB Executive Board  2019-2020

  • ASB President:Aiyana Torre
  • ASB Vice President: Donyale Tobias
  • ASB Treasurer: Sam Ballungay
  • ASB Secretary: Denise Valles
  • ASB Executive Assistant: Liliana Ayala
  • ASB Co-Rally Chairwomen:   Jacqueline Lopez  Justine Alcayde