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Jag Pass

Your Jag Pass (ASB Sticker)

Purchase Your Jag Pass (ASB Sticker) for $40 and Save.

The Jag Pass is available for purchase throughout the year.

The Jag Pass helps pay for many of the fun activities you (student) enjoy  at Cabrillo. By purchasing your Jag Pass, you help support all athletics as well and many other events at Cabrillo. All athletes are also encouraged to purchase the pass to support sports. The JAG PASS is not just for Athletes. It’s for ALL Cabrillo students. The Jag Pass supports:

  • School wide events
  • Lunch activities
  • Assemblies, and much more.

Your Jag Pass entitles you to free entrance to all home games, discounts for formal, semi-formal dances, and Cabrillo items.

If you are going to do anything at school this year, you can’t afford not to buy it!

See the Banker to get yours today or visit the Cabrillo Webstore.

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