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ASB Executive Board


Congratulations to the ASB Executive Board  2020-21

  • ASB President:
  • ASB Vice President:
  • ASB Treasurer:
  • ASB Secretary:
  • ASB Executive Assistant:
  • ASB Co-Rally Chairwomen:

Position Description:

ASB President: President will preside over all ASB business and will ensure all ASB goals and school goals are met by all ASB members.

ASB Vice-President: VP will assist the ASB President in conduction all ASB business.

ASB Treasurer:  Treasurer will preside over all financial business and will work closely with school banker and activities director.

ASB Secretary: Secretary will record and organize all ASB business and will ensure all decisions are recorded, documented, and paperwork completed.

ASB Executive Assistants:  Executive Assistants  will assist with all ASB business and will ensure that systems are in place for all ASB functions. They will ensure all members are held accountable for responsibilities and assignments.

ASB Co-Rally Chairs: Rally chairs will oversee all rallies and spirit events including football, basketball and various other sports and events.

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