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Reach to the Stars

Ivy League Mentorship Program: Reach To The Stars Presents

Film Screening on December 20 in the Auditorium - Period 7

Cabrillo High School will be hosting a special screening of the new documentary ROCIO. The film was awarded a Hoopes Prize from Harvard College and is touring the United States with screenings in San Diego, New York, and Boston. ROCIO tells the story of an undocumented mother of three who receives a terminal cancer diagnosis and must choose between facing certain death in the United States and seeking alternative care in her native Mexico. The film combines home videos shot by the Guerrero family since 1988 with elements of the international media sensation that enveloped them in 2014.

Teachers: If interested in bringing a class, please contact Ms. Lazcko

Sponsored by Ivy League Mentorship Program Reach to the Stars.




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