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Maritime Law w/Tall Ships 2018

Tall Ships Experience

During our first ever field trip to Tall Ships in San Pedro we got the opportunity to get out of the classroom and go into the sea of the Pacific for a  full hand experience. By getting out of the city it was a stress free environment by having a nice fresh breath of air. Everyone came together to get the ship sailing where then we began to learn about Marine science and our local water.

While on the ship we began to go out of the San Pedro breakwater and into the open ocean where we began to learn about some of the marine animals like plankton and zooplankton and how they play an important role in the recycling and remineralization of materials and energy in our ocean.  Also, we learned how cleaning products such as windex, shampoo and sunscreen contaminate the ocean water. This field trip made us realize that simple thing we use contaminate our water so we need to reduce the usage. While on this trip we learned and acknowledge how to protect our ocean water.


-Vanessa Romero c/o '18